🔥 10 Coolest Festivals In Europe This Summer ✈️ ✈️

Alright travelers, we’re going somewhere this summer, but we haven’t decided where, so we made a list. We love lists, especially when they’re about cool festivals happening in Europe this summer. We’ll go on and assume you've already heard about some of the bigger festivals out there, say Tomorrowland or Glastonbury,  so they're gonna be off of our list this time. Nothing against them, we like them too, we just rather focus on some of the smaller, lesser known (and quite honestly more interesting) festivals. So, here we go!

1. Secret Solstice


 Where: Reykjavik, Iceland

When was the last time you went to Iceland for a party? Exactly. Secret Solstice in an insane 3 day festival in which there is no night 😳 . Oh, and there’s a party inside an glacier. Its called Into the Glacier, and some people are calling it the most unique event on earth, apparently it has something to do with "Hel" (in norse mythology hell is frozen, and it’s missing an “l”). Also, they have some very cool hotdogs.

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://secretsolstice.is/line-up/

2. Sziget

25 Sziget Island Of Freedom

Where: Budapest, Hungary

It’s set on an island in the middle of the Danube river, which is pretty cool by itself, because within Budapest, the island is like its own little world. Keep in mind that Budapest is a great place to travel, in fact, it was #7 on our list of 10 coolest places to travel on a budget this summer, so that alone should be a pretty good indicator.

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://en.szigetfestival.com/programs#!/plist///

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3. Outlook 

Outlook Festival 2017

Where: Pula, Croatia

Remember that thing your parents used to check their email on? Outlook? Well this is nothing like that. It’s a very cool festival set in an old Croatian fort called Punta Christo which prides itself on being all about that bass “When we talk about bass music we don’t mean the bastardised commercial version currently being sold to children”, this guys take it seriously, and that’s a good thing.

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://www.outlookfestival.com/2017-line-up/

4. Meadows In The Mountains

Meadows In The Mountains

Where: Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

This festival is not for everyone, but it’s truly a remarkable experience. Set in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, near Bulgaria’s greek border, Meadows in the Mountains is the kind of festival in which you’ll find bonfires and small stages, reusable metal cups and shelter in the homes of the locals, so… it’s a pretty special thing. Folk music by day, raucous raving until sunrise.

Learn more about the festival: http://www.meadowsinthemountains.com/

5. Into The Valley

Rummu Quarry, Estonia

Where: Rummu, Estonia

This edition of Into The Valley should prove interesting since it will no longer take place in Rattvik, Sweden. It will be set on another quarry, one in Rummu, Estonia. Basically, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and that alone should get the adventurous kind a little excited. It’s great festival with lots of amazing artists and we're sure the new location will do a great job hosting this event. Don’t jump into the water tho, it might be very dangerous 😵 . (Seriously, don’t do it). 

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://intothevalley.se/festival/into-the-valley/day-by-day

6. Flow

Very Trendy Music Festival

Where: Helsinki, Finland

We got a trendy one here. Set in what used to be some sort of industrial complex (power plant, we think) Flow Festival definitely has a distinctly feel to it. Helsinki is pretty cool by itself, but this festival takes it to a whole new level. At every moment you'll be surrounded by overwhelming pieces of art, plus a lot of the disused warehouses have become breweries, so that means good beer. We strongly recommend this festival to anyone who really enjoys art, design and good music

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://www.flowfestival.com/en/artists/

7. Exit

Exit Festival This Summer

Where: Petrovaradin, Serbia

It’s set on an old fortress next to the Danube river. It’s a sure thing, it’s a good festival and it’s one of the less expensive ones, so there’s that. It’s sister Sea Dance festival, which takes place in Jaz beach (Budva) is not to be dismissed as just a side dish. It’s a thing in and of itself, in fact, it’s the event with greatest promotional effect for Montenegro. It’s a very cool extension of the Exit Festival… highly recommended.

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://www.exitfest.org/en/lineup/2017

8. INmusic

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

Inmusic Festival Croatia 2017

It’s Croatia’s biggest open air festival. It’s really cheap (not only the tickets but the beer and the food, it’s all good), and it’s a damn good festival. They’ve got this weird system where they don’t let you carry cash into the festival so they give you a card… it’s alright, it works. And you don’t have to worry about a thing, just let go and have fun. We love it.

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: https://www.inmusicfestival.com/en/program/2017

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9. Way Out West

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

Why You Should Visit Way Out West Festival This Summer

Set in Slottsskogen Park, Way Out West is one of europe’s biggest festivals. It’s the kind of festival where you won’t find any meat, but the city has a lot of fresh fish, so you can try that, or you could be a vegetarian for some days. Whatever works for you. At night, Stay Out West (Way Out West’s sister festival) has gigs all around the city, so there’s plenty to do at all times. You can either camp at the festival or stay at one of Gothenburg’s hotels, your call.

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://www.wayoutwest.se/line-up/

10. Mysteryland

The Netherlands Best Music Festival

Where: Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

Filled with secrets and surprises, Mysteryland is a two day festival set in the beautiful fields, forests and lakes of the Floriade Terrain in Haarlemmermeer. And no, I don’t know how to pronounce Haarlemmermeer, but the locals don’t mind. They’re cool. Lots of good music, one great party. Really, just go for it. Oh and there’s free water bars, stay hydrated folks!

Check out the 2017 Lineup here: http://www.mysteryland.nl/line-up/

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