ūüŹĒ 10 Coolest Places to Travel On A Budget This SummerūüŹĒ

For all you travelers out there looking to stretch your euros and dollars, here are the 10 coolest places to travel on a budget this summer. 

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1. Thailand

This place has the potential for you to find whatever you're looking for: party, contemplation, immersion in a different culture, great street food and low prices. If you want to stretch your dollars, you better stay clear of the beaches, since things are relatively pricier there, and filled with tourists.



2. Nepal

If you're backpacking, this is the place to go. It's practically made for backpacking. It's main city, Kathmandu, prides itself in having the cheapest hostels. You can get a bed to spend the night for less than 2 dollars. There are a lot of incredible sights and trails.



3. Indonesia

You'll start at Bali: great beaches, lots of tourists, that kind of thing. But then you'll want to move on to other islands. Your Euros or Dollars will stretch a long way, so feel free to explore, but don't try to see it all. It's impossible. Take your time enjoying things.



4. Vietnam

First and foremost, you'll get to say "when I was in 'Nam..." prices were low, sights were amazing, the place is great! Ha Long Bay is the safe bet for tourist, but you might wanna check out Bai Tu Long Bay instead, since it's less crowded.



5. Nicaragua

Enough with Asia, now it's time to look at America. If you're thinking Costa Rica, think Nicaragua instead. It's cheaper and it's great. It has great surfing beaches, amazing sights, volcanoes. Overall just a great place. 


6. Mexico

What I mean by Mexico is Sayulita. This beach is a great place to hang. A lot of tourists from all over the world, great food, nice waves. You surf? Good. You don't? It doesn't matter. It's a good place to be a beginner, take up a surf board, try your luck. You can camp (for a fee) in the camping zone or you can get together with friends and rent a house through Airbnb. Either way, Sayulita's a great summer destination. You won't get immersed in a different culture, but you'll have great music, good waves and a great vibe.


7. Hungary

Now it's Europe's turn. Budapest is a great place to party. It is also a very beautiful city that stands along the Danube river featuring amazing historical architecture. There's plenty of stuff to explore beyond the capital as well. It's one of Europe's most beautiful cities and it is cheaper than a lot of your other options, so if you're looking to Europe for your travels, consider Hungary... or perhaps you can consider…



8. Albany

Somewhere between Italy and Greece. I'm not trying to describe its geographical location (though it fits) I'm trying to give you an idea of the experience available. Roads are sketchy, but the place is great, it has nightlife, sights, and the Adriatic sea.



9. Portugal

A great alternative to the more crowded and expensive Spain. It's a beautiful place, there are surfing beaches, there's great coffee, the freshest seafood and music festivals. In many aspects it's a forward thinking culture. Drug use is legal. That doesn't mean you should go crazy, we're just letting you know.



10. Morocco

A little bit of Africa. An amazing destination to explore on a budget. You'll find long beaches and amazing landscapes. There's nightlife in the cities, but we consider Morocco a place better fitted for exploring than for partying. You'll see things you've never seen. Don't smuggle hash on your way back.

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