10 Must Have Items for Lightweight Backpacking 🎒

Hey travelers! Today we're looking into the Top 10 Must Have Lightweight Backpacking Gear & Equipment. We're not talking about camping or hiking, but about traveling around the world on a budget, with a backpack on you back. To this effect, we're considering weight and storage space on every item we look at, since you don't wanna be overburdened while you roam the free world.

1. Kelty Redwing 


Kelty is the #1 brand when it cames to backpacks for travel. Specifically, we recommend the 32L Redwing as we always strive for lighter travel options, but if you feel like you need more space, you can look at other options. Remember that more space also means more weight and all that weight and space can add up and become a problem.

Buy it here: https://kelty.com/redwing-32/

 2. SCOTTeVEST Revolution Plus Jacket 

Which jacket you take on your travels has relevant implications as to how well prepared you'll be in terms of comfort, weather conditions, and your ability to carry (not only useful but also) absolutely necessary stuff with you, without having to carry a bunch of bags. This jacket has a lot of storage space (which is also handy at the airport), it's insulated, and it's designed in such a way that the weight of the things you carry in it will balance out so that you don't end up with shoulder or back pain.

Buy it here: https://www.scottevest.com/v3_store/Revolution-Plus-Jacket.shtml

 3. Kindle Paperwhite

Books are great, but they're bulky. Tablets are great and versatile, but their battery doesn't last as much. Travel-wise, the best decision is to get a kindle for all the waiting time that lies ahead of you. You could get a basic kindle, but different lightning situations might present a challenge.

 Think about your priorities and what you really like doing during down time, maybe it's something else, but keep in mind that reading is something you can do for hours while carrying very little in terms of weight and space.

Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OQVZDJM/ref=fs_ods_fs_eink_mt

 4. Hang & Roll 

It seems that weight and space keeps coming up as we talk about things for travel, and surely those two concepts are bound to take center focus; they're the most important things to ponder while considering whether to bring something or not. The Hang & Roll Travel Organizer helps in both concerns. It is lightweight and it saves you up a lot of storage space. Once you get somewhere, you hang it, and you have easy access to a lot of the things you packed, while the rest of the items can remain stored away on your backpack. It's a cool way to stay organized, optimize space, and it doesn't weigh you down.

Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Hang-Roll-Backpacking-Waterproof-Lightweight/dp/B06Y5N8G9V/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497475019&sr=8-1&keywords=hang+and+roll 

 5. Trtl Travel Pillow 

 More times than you'll care to remember you'll thank yourself for bringing this one with you. Like we said, traveling implies a lot of down time. Some of it will require you to stay alert, on your senses (for those times you have your kindle) but others will allow you to catch some shut eye. With the trtl travel pillow you'll have a lightweight option that won't take much space, since it's half the size of your usual u-shaped travel pillow.

Buy it here: https://trtltravel.com/products/trtl-travel-pillow

 6. Linen Towel

One of the things that take up a lot of space but is indispensable are towels. Linen towels are thinner, so they take up less space. They dry almost as fast as polyester, which dries fast but doesn't dry you up. On top of that, linen has anti-microbial properties. This means it will last longer before smelling bad, but you still have to wash it. So again, we take on towels as another chance to opt for a lighter and more compact solution.

Buy it here: https://shop.outlier.nyc/shop/retail/grid-linen-towel.html

  7. Ultralight & Watertight .5 Medical Kit 


This is one of those things you hope you won't need, but you might, and if you do, you'll be grateful to have it. A lot of people travel without a medical kit, and that's fine, but we like to keep things on the safe side. Things can happen, and sometimes you'll have to deal with them on the go, with what you have on you. With that in mind, we decided to look for a medical kit that won't take up much space or weigh you down.

Buy it here: http://www.adventuremedicalkits.com/ultralight-watertight-5.html

 8. Sawyer Mini Water Filter

You never know where you're gonna find yourself. Ideally, anywhere you'll be you'll have access to clean water, but there may come a day, right? This little guy is a life saver. Keep it in you backpack for tough situations, specially if you're traveling to countries with poor water access. Don't let anything stop you.

Buy it here: http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/sawyer-mini-water-filter#repChildCatid=1444113

 9. GoPro 

You must be tired of hearing about weight and space and we know that by know we surely sound like a broken record but we cannot stress this enough. This is the best camera you can take on limited storage space. You can take it anywhere. It's resistant. It's the best option for travel, hands down.

Buy it here: https://es.shop.gopro.com/International/cameras/hero-session/CHDHS-104-master.html

10. Moleskine Notebook 

Take any notebook you want, but this ones have a special feel to them. The kind of paper they use, the size, everything has proven so comfortable and convenient for so many that it's become an icon. It really doesn't matter where you take and keep your notes, but it does matter that you do take and keep your notes. Everything seems unforgettable until you forget about it. Write. It. Down.

Buy it here: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-gb/notebooks/notebooks/reporter-notebook/p4?ic=gUcCog%3D%3D

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