📱5 Must Have Traveling Apps ✈

Let's assume you already have Google Maps and Uber installed, so that they won't take space on our list. If you don't, install them, they're very useful regardless of whether you're traveling or not. Now let's talk traveling apps. Apps that will help you find a place to stay (probably even cheaper than a hotel), the cheapest flights, plan your trip, help out with packing, and guide you while you're trying to get around the city.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb App Wireframe

There isn't much we can say about Airbnb that you don't already know. It's an app that you need to have if you're traveling. We're assuming 99% of you have already used it and are familiar with it, but if you're that one percent, get it now and give it a try. An app that connects people looking for a place to stay with people offering one. It's that simple.


2. Hopper

Hopper App Wireframe

The thing that separates Hopper from the rest of the booking apps in that it's the only one that is going to tell you not to book now, but to wait for better prices. It treats flight prices like stocks and, based on previous patterns, it tells you when to wait for a better price and when to buy because prices are about to spike. Very useful app, regardless of whether you book through it or not.


3. Google Trips

Google Trips App Wireframe

It's a nice way to plan your itinerary for your trip. It will offer some options based on what's available where you're going, it will tell you where the sights are, and it will help you plan your day. A lot of people would rather "wing it" but let me tell you this: there's nothing wrong with planning, in fact, a lot of good comes out of it. You don't have to stick to your plan... what we say at Hang & Roll is that, while traveling, making plans is great and will help you get the most out of each day, but also breaking those plans is part of the plan.


4. Packpoint

Packpoint App Wireframe

This app will help you pack. You tell it where you're going, for how long you're going, the purpose of your visit and what you plan on doing, and Packpoint generates a packing list. They aim on the sure side, telling you to pack a little bit too much for our taste, but even they say "swipe away what you don't need", so keep that in mind and swipe some stuff out. Remember that this app isn't specifically made for light travelers.


 5. Citymapper

Citymapper App Wireframe

Using public transport can prove to be a challenge, specially while traveling, since you don't really know how public transport works in the city that you're in. Well Citymapper is helpful with that. The only drawback is that only big traveling destinations are available, so chances are that if you're traveling off the beaten path, you're gonna have to get around on your own.


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