ūüíÉ 5 of the Coolest Nightclubs in Europe ūüé∂

Europe is an amazing traveling destination filled with history, architecture, different cultures... but that's hardly all there is to it. One of the greatest aspects of Europe is its nightlife. Undeniable fact. Europeans like to party and they do it right. Surely there are a lot more places than those we can mention, but for now let's take a look at 5 of the coolest nightclubs in Europe:

Berghain - Berlin (Germany)

People making a line to enter Berghain, a club in Berlin, Germany.

Ask anyone who knows about this kind of thing: this place is the place to be... if you manage to get in. Yes, it's one of those places where getting in is actually a bit of a challenge (and that's an understatement). No phones allowed. DJ's love it because people there commit to the party and focus on the music, and so do the people who are in charge of the program. It's a pretty special place with a cool vibe.

Lux Fr√°gil, Lisbon

People dancing at Lux Fr√°gil, a club in Lisbon.

At the Lux there are constants and there are variables. The constants are: great wooden dancefloor, a big terrace, and good and varied lineups. That alone, in most cases, should do it, but here come the variables: decoration and lighting installations are constantly changing at the Lux and that’s a way in which they keep things interesting. The secret at the Lux is they put in the effort, and it shows.

20/44, Belgrade

20/44, a boat club in Belgrade.

It's on a boat on the river and people party there through sunrise. There's a lot of energy out there. During the summer, they take the party upstairs on the deck. When it's not nice outside, the party remains inside the boat. Windows remain open so you can breathe and stuff. It's all good.

DC10, Ibiza (Spain)

People dancing at DC10, a club in Ibiza, Spain.

This is what people like to call "legendary". The use comas was uncalled for since  it's actually legendary. There isn't much to say about a place like this that you probably don't already know: it's the kind of club where anything goes. Go to the terrace if you want to be where the action's at. That's where it can get freaky. All in good fun though, all in good fun.

The Villa, Oslo

A DJ playing music at The Villa, a club in Oslo.

The vibe is absolutely underground and not only because it actually is under the ground but because the low ceiling works with the sound system in order to create that particular sound we identify as "underground".The people there know their stuff. They play great music and the people that go there know this and appreciate it.

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