💵 Below the Monopoly Line 💵

Maybe the point of this article is to show you places where you can travel and stretch your euros and dollars, but this article has an ulterior motive too: to make your advantages evident so that you become aware of how fortunate you are.

The takeaway here isn't that you shouldn't take advantage of your - with terrible fear of sounding redundant - advantages. They're there, and they're not going away. The question then becomes "What to do with them?" and we think that "Travel, get to know the people you meet, be kind to them, appreciate their kindness, and share your experiences with others" is a damn good answer. Hoping that this list will help you do precisely that, we present to you - Below the Monopoly Line - a list of travel destinations whose currencies are worth less than monopoly money.

1. Vietnam

Vietnamese dong

How many Vietnamese dongs get you a euro? 27,170.95 of them. Vietnam is amazing travel destination with great people, culture, food, landscapes and places to visit. Ha Long Bay is the safe bet for tourist, so you might wanna check out Bai Tu Long Bay instead, since it's less crowded.

2. Indonesia

Indonesian Rupiahs

How many Indonesian Rupiahs get you a euro? 15,954.69 of them. Indonesia has made most of our lists, so that speaks to how great of a travel destinations it is. It's always featured on any place listing "budget travel destinations" or "exotic places to travel" you name it. Check out our list of 5 Cheapest Hotels in Bali to get an idea of how cheap accommodations can be when you're traveling there.

3. Laos

Lao Kips

How many Lao Kips get you a euro? 9,705.38 of them. You'll find many of the same things throughout Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand with the exception that in Laos you won't find beaches, but you'll get explore along the river. The advantage being that you can make your way from one country onto the next, from Vietnam, to Laos and then to Thailand.

4. Paraguay

Paraguayan Guaranis

How many Paraguayan Guaranis get you a euro? 6,758.93 of them. Paraguay is a bordering country to Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. We don't recommend that you go straight to Paraguay and stay there, though it is a very beautiful and enchanting country. If you're making the trip, you're likely to get better prices for your flight if you book a more popular destination and then move from there.

5. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistani Soms

How many Uzbekistani Soms get you a euro? 5,044.39 of them. Uzbekistan might not be your usual travel destination but for those looking to visit amazing mosques and learn more about the legendary silk road (the trade route that connected China with the Mediterranean) and the travels of Marco Polo, this is the place to be. Though the mosques will be there regardless of when you travel there, you might want to be there for the Silk & Spices Festival, which is a celebration of their culture in the form of local crafts and folk music.

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