❤ Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations ✈

We're going in a bit of a different direction. Usually we talk about travel for the sake of travel, but this time we're looking into traveling for the purpose of honeymooning, and with that in mind we have this list for you:

1. Bali

A resort in Bali at the shore

This place is quite simply amazing. Stunning views coupled with the fact that 5 star hotels here are more affordable than a lot of other places out there make Bali one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. And if you're an adventurous couple that likes budget traveling, there are a ton of places to go to once you've experienced the spoils of the 5 star hotel living.

2. Turkey

Hot air balloons flying over Cappadocia

Turkey could be the beginning of a whole backpacking trip through the Balkans, for starters, but putting that aside, Cappadocia which is less than 4 hours away from Turkeys capital city (Ankara) has breathtaking wind eroded landscapes featuring valleys filled with caves and rock formations or "fairy chimneys". If you feel like going to a place with a unique vibe to it without limiting your options (traveling someplace that won't allow you to experience anything else) Cappadocia might be the way to go.

3. Jamaica

The Sandals South Coast Resort in Whitehouse, Jamaica

If you want to go for that all inclusive 5 star hotel travel experience but you don't want to break the bank, Whitehouse, Jamaica, might be the choice for you. First off, it's in the Caribbean which in and of itself speaks to the quality of the beaches it features. Whitehouse offers various budget conscious options without compromising on the quality of service or the experience. All inclusive resorts coupled with that beautiful Caribbean landscape make it a great honeymoon destination.

4. Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico has a wide variety of beaches. Where you go depends on what you're looking for. Some couples might wanna do exciting stuff on their honeymoon, but we tend to believe most of you just wanna hang back, relax, and enjoy each other away from anything else, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. If such is case we suggest Tulum. It's a great place and it's well worth checking it out. And you might wanna check out Holbox too. Choose what's right for you and keep in mind that you want to make this a special occasion, if you've traveled to Mexico before, you might wanna try something new for this one.

5. Philippines

Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is a great and exciting place to visit, far from everywhere else. Mesmerizing landscapes all around you. Navigate the underground river. There are many options for your accommodations at similar price range. Most of our posts are geared towards the budget traveler. This time around you might wanna look into prettier and more comfortable accommodations. It depends you know? Maybe the both of you are into the whole travel far and stretch your dollars. In Palawan you won't find the usual unbelievably cheap hotel we recommend, but you'll find many that offer great service at a very reasonable price. You'll also find not-so-reasonable prices.

Thank you reading this post. As always, we hope you enjoy our content. If you like, feel free to share it with your friends! Don't forget to check out our perfect travel organizer, trust us, it will make traveling so much easier. Goodbye Traveler!


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