✈ Top 5 Travel Influencers 📷

People that travel a lot, take pretty pictures, tell great stories and inspire us all to pack our bags and do the same, that's who we're looking at.

Chris Burkard 


This guy is a self-taught photographer, filmmaker, surfer, traveller and everything in between. He is very good at what he does and he's got the awards to show for it.

Louis Cole

A.K.A. FunforLouis is a British filmmaker and YouTube personality who posts a daily video blog on the channel FunForLouis about his life which consists of travels and adventures all around the world.

Sawyer Hartman

He's a photographer / filmmaker that hosts a youtube channel about his own travels and adventures. On his youtube channel the banner reads "live | love | repeat" that pretty much sums it up.

Chelsea Yamase

Is a bit of everything (model, graphic designer, explorer, traveller, etc.) You can find her work at Adventurers Collective which oddly enough appears to be a personal site rather than an actual collective, at least that's what the site claims to be in the "about" section.

Brooke Saward

She's the woman behind World of Wanderlust and she keeps the site as a textbook travel blog with travel tips, lifestyle tips & motivation. Perhaps she's better known for her instagram account in which she keeps pretty much the same type of content. Very good content by the way.

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