🌴☀ 5 Secret Beaches in Mexico🌴☀

Hey travelers, how's it hanging? We recently listed the coolest festivals to go to in europe this summer. Those places are crowded, and that's really cool sometimes, but not always. For those who long for a less crowded environment, today we we're making yet another list: 5 Secret Beaches in Mexico.

1. Yelapa

I feel guilty for including it on this list. As beaches host more and more travelers, they change. We don't want this beach to change, but even more so, we want you to enjoy it. You can only get there by boat (from Puerto Vallarta or Playa de los Muertos or someplace like that). It's totally worth it.

2. San Blás

It's a good place for surfing and... well enjoying the beach in general. How secret is it? Not that much. There's a song by a famous Mexican band called "El Muelle de San Blas" in which some crazy lady stays at the edge of San Blas' dock waiting for her loved one to return. Spoiler alert, he never does. Song is pretty well known, hence the place is too. It's a very affordable destination, so it makes the list regardless.

3. Mismaloya

This was a once well known beach, but those golden days have gone now. Mismaloya is the place where "The Night of the Iguana" was filmed, and believe it or not, that was a big deal, so much that Puerto Vallarta owes its fame to this movie. The set is but ruins now, and so is the John Huston Cafe. Affordable accommodations, scuba diving, and that particular has-been charm make this destination really special.

4. Mazunte or Zipolite


Mazunte's a hippie hub. Very laid back environment, cool vibe. Zipolite is pretty much the same, slightly older crowd, a bit more chill. It used to be known as a nude beach, but that's not the case anymore. There still are some nude areas at both ends of the beach (east and west). They're there if you want to, but they're perfectly avoidable if you don't.

5. Huatulco

It's a fun place to walk around, charming tiny downtown, beautiful bays, and of course, the ruins. Visit the ruins. Santa María de Huatulco has a charm all of its own, and you can find cheap places to stay, which make it a rare find.

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