🗻 Alaska ⛷

Hey travelers! Today we're taking you to one of the most beautiful places in the world. The mountains, the rivers, the wildlife, the cold, the northern lights... what's not to love?

Maybe you rather be at more crowded places where you can meet a lot a of people and maybe you like to go out and party at night... so yeah, maybe Alaska is not for everyone, but for those for whom Alaska is, it's amazing.

We can give you some pointers as to popular places to go, but it's pretty much a "go anywhere you like" kind of place, just don't get lost. Every town you go will have amazing trails. All of them, it doesn't matter which, they all have amazing trails. We're not exaggerating. Now, about the northern lights... that's whole 'nother business. You can't watch those from anywhere, but we'll make sure to let you know where you can, so read on.


Tourists exploring the Mendenhall Glacier

It's Alaska's capital, and it's only reachable by boat or seaplane, so that should give you an idea as to what Alaska is all about. The capital sits at the base of 3,819 feet high Mount Roberts. To the north of Janeau there's the Juneau ice field which is the source of the region's many glaciers, like the Mendenhall Glacier. To get there, you should look at Above & Beyond Alaska, they offer to get you there hiking, which is way cheaper than the helicopter alternative (and also, in our opinion, more fun... plus, they provide all the gear).

Everytime we find ourselves talking about a place where glaciers are close, we recommend you check them out, because yeah, they're bound to not exist anymore so... do it while you have the chance.


A street in Skagway, Alaska

If you're looking for a town with that old-timey feel to it, look no further. Skagway's got that Klondike Gold Rush era kind of vibe to it. Just walking through town is amazing. Don't forget to check out the railway. Oh, and take pictures, lot's of them, because everywhere you look there'll be something to catch your eye. Of course, like everywhere else in Alaska, you've got hiking trails, but at Chilkoot, you also get rafting... in case you're feeling like it. There are other hiking trails as well. Go whichever way you want. We'll hang with you.


Beautiful northern lights in Fairbanks, Alaska.

So you're in Fairbanks, the second most populated area in Alaska... which doesn't really mean much. There are several very interesting museums in Fairbanks including the University of Alaska Museum of the North, Fairbanks Ice Museum, Pioneer Park (which is a theme park and not technically a museum, but it's that kind of attraction anyway), and the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum (if you're into that). So yeah, plenty of things to see, but none of them rival Fairbanks' main attraction: the northern lights. That's right. This is where you go when you want to watch the northern lights in America folks, Fairbanks. Otherwise go to Iceland or Norway.

That's it folks. Hope you enjoyed it. Of course, there are many other places to visit and things to do in Alaska but we can't possibly cover it all, can we? Wait, can we? Maybe... I guess it is possible, but it's not practical, and it's not how we do things. It's not how we roll (get it?).

Thank you reading this post. As always, we hope you enjoy our content. If you like, feel free to share it with your friends! Don't forget to check out our perfect travel organizer, trust us, it will make traveling so much easier. Goodbye Traveler!

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