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Ibiza is known for having one of the best (if not the best) nightlife experiences in the world. You're bound to find world renowned DJs giving it their all as you stumble into a the club, just for the hell of it.

Being what it is (a gorgeous island with amazing nightlife) dirt cheap prices are out of the question, but that's life sometimes, you know? The question isn't whether this place is cheap or not (it's not) but whether it's cool (and it is). And it's not all nightlife... the island itself is amazingly beautiful.

Through the day, you'll walk around and you won't be able to recognize this as the place it was or will become again at night. It's calm and relaxing. It's soothing. And that's what's so mystifying about Ibiza. Not one fact alone about it makes it great, but the combination of all its qualities is what makes it so stunning. The fact that at night it's incredibly fun and by day you get to kick back and relax. Rest your tired body, refresh your weary soul, and get back at it again.

While you're there, you might wanna check out some of these notable places:


Basalt columns erected by Australian Artist Andrew Rodgers which are commonly called Stonehenge

It's not  the  Stonehenge, it's a different one. One made out of basalt stones arranged in a semi-circle by Australian Artist Andrew Rogers, who also erected two ancient wooden doors that, together, frame the island of Es Vedrà.

Museu Etnogràfic

A section of the Museu Etnogràfic in Ibiza

If you want to know more about the culture and how people used to live on the island, you should visit the Museu Etnogràfic for sure. It tells you a lot regarding what this island used to be about (spoiler alert: pirates are involved).


The Ramparts, during past times, provided Ibiza with protection from the pirates

 And of course, because pirates were involved, we've got the Ramparts: huge and thick walls with cannons that encircle Dalt Vila. It's an amazing sight that lets your inner child run its imagination completely wild.

Museu d'Art Contemporani (MACE)

People walking through the Museu d'Art Contemporani (MACE) in Ibiza

This museum showcases contemporary art, mostly connected to Ibiza in some way or another. Housed in an 18th century armory / powder store (because pirates) it hosts a permanent collections that includes works of Ibizan Artists like Marí Ribas Portmany and Tur Costa, as well as the abstract art of Ibiza visitors like Will Faber and Erwin Broner.

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