👣 Road to Santiago 🌍

There are many ways to travel. The Road to Santiago has been particularly known as a hiking or walking route, and if that's the way you wanna go, that's fine. However, this time, we recommend you take a more practical approach to things. Granted, there's an air of romanticism associated with this route. A lot of people regard it as a spiritual journey, a religious ritual, or something of the sort, but, to be honest, if that's what you're hoping to get out of this road, we recommend you take a hike somewhere else.

A group of backpackers walking the Road to Santiago.

There's nothing wrong with walking this walk, it just isn't what we recommend. Why? Well because may very well end up walking over paved roads a lot of the time or near paved roads. This pretty much defeats the purpose of going through this as a trail.

A wooden sign with "Camino de Santiago" written in it

It's a great route for traveling through Spain though... on a bicycle, or a motorbike, maybe by car. Go from one town to the next. Walk each town you pass by instead of walking the road. There's much more to see in the towns you pass by than there is on the road. On each town you go through you'll find restaurants and bars and hostels. If there's a particular town that doesn't interest you as much, you can just skip it and move to the next one. See more in less time.

Backpackers visiting a town in their way to the Road of Santiago.

There are so many routes (seriously, click on that link, you’ll be amazed) that are considered the "Road to Santiago" it really only depends on which places you wish to visit, you know? You could start in Italy or France, you can do it all in Spain. It's your call really. It's anarchy. So just... travel, you know? Go through a lot places and end up in Santiago de Compostela. That's the way it should be.

A map with the different roads to Santiago de Compostela.

 Once you've gone through the whole thing and everybody else is done for (because they decided to put so much energy into the road by walking it), smile, wave goodbye, and keep traveling. Where? I don't know, maybe you can make your way to Portugal and then back to Spain through Seville and wall the way to Málaga. It really is your call.

A stone sign indicating the right direction to Santiago de Compostela.

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