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This place doesn't get enough recognition for all it offers, or at least that's what we think here at Hang & Roll. If you're planning a trip from Germany (say... Berlin) down to the Balkans and onto either (or both) Turkey or Greece, you should seriously consider exploring Slovakia a little bit more than you might've reckoned.

"O.K. I'm listening..." you say filled with skepticism.

"So what's cool about Slovakia anyway?" you wonder. Let's start at the beginning:


Bratislava's Castle in Slovakia.

Back in 2004 Bratislava (and Eastern Europe as a whole, but Bratislava in particular) got a really bad rap from a movie called EurotripΒ here's the scene.

But never mind that. You know it's bull manure.

Walk through old town. Admire the architecture. Allow yourself to learn a little bit about Slovakia's history. Have a cup of coffee. Do what it is that people do when they travel. Walk along the Danube river. The Danube river makes every place that much better, and such is the case for Bratislava. Oh and visit the Castle, but get there early, because if you're there during the summer (which we hope you are) it can get a little crowded since it's a tourist bus stop.

Now onto Bratislava's finest: the nightlife. It doesn't matter what you're into, Bratislava's got it. All you need to do is find it, and by that we mean you're likely to find (without looking too hard) beer halls, rooftop cocktails or stag party mayhem. Pick your poison.

High Tatras

High Tatras, Slovakia

The High Tatras are a mountain range along the northern Slovakian border. An amazing place to visit. They're just beautiful, beautiful mountains filled with pristine snowfields, mountain lakes surrounded by pine forests, thundering waterfalls and shimmering alpine meadows.

Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise National Park

If you like hiking, don't miss out on this. Challenging, yet well marked trails are abundant here. Beautiful landscapes filled with waterfalls, aggressive water streams, rocky plateaus, and primeval forests will be your setting. Be advised: there are balancing foot bridges involved and lots and lots of fun.

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