🌊🌴 Tulum πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

Beaches are great, Caribbean beaches are better... and such is Tulum's case. What makes the Caribbean so special? Well there are a lot of aspects that one might find interesting about the Caribbean, but certainly the most noticeable and distinct feature is the crystal clear water. There's a scientific explanations for why the water looks the way it does in that particular region, but I'm not sure you want to read about water depth, temperature, concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide, light refraction, and so on and so forth (hint: it's a combination of all these things what makes the Caribbean water so clear and blue).

Tulum, on top of that, happens to be a super laid back beach where you can just kick back and relax, but you also have the option to go onto more exciting things if you want.

What's cool about Tulum?

  • Beautiful scenery

Tulum, Mexico.

  • Mayan ruins

Tulum's castle, a Mayan ruin.

  • Crystal clear waters

Tulum's crystal clear water.

  • Cenotes (lots of them)

A scuba diver in "Cenote Dos Ojos" in Tulum, Mexico.

    Another thing to keep in mind while considering Tulum is that it's located very close to Playa del Carmen or even CancΓΊn, so if you suddenly feel like you're done relaxing and are looking for a little party, that's still an option. You get the chill beach experience without having to commit, and that's pretty awesome.

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