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Hey travelers, we seem to find ourselves in an uncomfortable junction: choosing a camera for our travels. That's a tough one for sure. Of course, the first option will always be the camera you've already got, that's your best friend. You don't have to spend money on it and you already know how to use it.

Chances are you are here because you're looking to buy one. Maybe you want to upgrade, change to something lighter, or don't have one to begin with.

In choosing a camera, there are several things to consider: weight, size, price and personal needs.

First camera to consider: your smartphone camera. Chances are that you don't find this satisfying, or you wouldn't be looking for travel cameras on the internet, but instead of buying a travel camera, you could upgrade your phone. The latest iPhone has a great camera, so does the LG G6.

If you want to get a better camera that will render more professional results, then let's review your options.

GoPro HERO5 - $399.00

This is the only camera that gets its own section because it belongs to a section all of its own. We don't actually think that you should take all your pictures with a GoPro, but if your travels take you places were a normal camera can't go, be sure to take this one with you.

Tip: Seriously consider this camera if you plan on shooting underwater videos and pictures.

Point & Shoot

These cameras are the first step up from camera phones. They are also compact and lightweight. In this category we recommend a camera that works surprisingly well on low light conditions, which is something most camera phones won't be able to pull.

Canon PowerShot G9 X - $399.00


This is pretty much the best of all worlds. They're as compact as they can be considering the quality that they bring to the table, which is that of a DSLR. Having interchangeable lenses is a huge advantage for you when you're home, but not such a great advantage while you travel, unless of course you wanna carry a bunch of lenses with you.

Panasonic GH4 - $999.00

Tip: You can easily carry two lenses with you without it being too much of a hassle, so choose wisely. One that covers most of your needs and then another that you like because of something specific that it does really well.


If you've already got one, then use it, but if you're buying it for travel, we strongly recommend you consider getting a mirrorless camera for weight & size considerations. If you do want to get a DSLR, then we shall recommend a classic.

Nikon D810 - $2499.00

Tip: If you're planning on carrying a bunch of lenses around, then the size and weight of your camera won't be an issue.

So think about it. Taking great pictures is a great way to document your travels, but carrying too much around might become a handicap.

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