✈ How to Get Cheap Flights 💸

Oh, to travel the world! Such a lovely endeavor... I'm sure some of you can live worry free lives where money is a non-issue in terms of making plans and decisions, but for most of us money is a pretty big factor, one of the major players, so to speak.

We work hard and we save money so that once we've got enough, we can travel. Surely we want to make the most out of our pretty penny, get our dollars worth. With that in mind is that we bring to you the 101 on how to book cheaper flights:

1. Incognito Mode

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Booking and airline sites, like everything else, are aided by keeping track of your searches. Hence, if you search for a specific destination often, it is bound to appear a little bit more expensive later on. Search for flights using incognito mode to prevent this and you'll find cheaper prices.

2. Identify The Cheapest Day To Fly Out

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This tip requires you to have time to spare. If you're tight on time and your dates are set, then you're not gonna be able to play with this as you won't have wiggle room, but flying dates matter. If you fly out on Wednesday instead of Friday (it's an example, it might be the other way around, though it's doubtful) you might find a considerable price change on your flight. Keep that in mind when planning a trip.

3. Budget Airlines

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They aren't available for all destinations, but for those that they are you should look into them. You might end up with a little less leg room and they might not have "free food and drinks" but here's a secret: they weren't free on your other flight, that's just a different word for "included". So don't pay for "free food and drinks", pay for a trip and sleep on the plane.

4. Make The Most Out Of The Long Haul


Alright, this tip isn't for everyone. This tip works only given a very specific scenario: if you're traveling somewhere far and you need to transfer, don't. Try booking a flight to the city where you're transferring  an then book a flight (a couple of days later) to your actual destination. That way you'll get to experience that city for a couple of days and the price of your flights shouldn't change much. From where we're standing, enjoying your transfer instead of making it a couple of hours lost at an airport is a huge win.

5. Find The Cheapest Place To Fly Into

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Sometimes your destination isn't reachable by other means (if perhaps you're planning a trip to Greenland or Iceland), but if you're planning a trip to Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, you might find that it's cheaper if you travel to a certain country and then make your way from there, so make sure to locate which places are cheaper to fly in to.

That's it travelers. Keep all of these things in mind when booking a trip and while planning it and we're sure you'll see the difference next time. See you later!

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