🌅 How To Pack Efficiently For Your Summer Trip 🎒

Hey Travelers, today we're getting deep into the subject of packing light for your summer tripWe understand everyone has different needs, but you’re here because you want to know the basics. So let’s look at what, in general terms, everyone needs to pack.



The first step towards packing light is recognizing what is essential (and what is not). So let's do that. What's essential? Three of a kind: socks, underwear, shirts, and pants. Why three? Wash one, dry one, wear one. You need to pick them carefully, this is how you'll be looking for most of the time. When we say three, we actually mean you'll only pack two. The third one you'll be wearing.


Regardless of where you're going, you need to pack a jacket. If it's a hot place, it might get cold that one night. If you're going to a cold place, you'll be wearing the jacket. If you're not sure, pack a jacket. Your jacket will be there when it rains or is cold, so pick one that's good for both. It doesn't have to be the best looking jacket, in fact, it shouldn't be.


The shoes you're wearing, that's it. Maybe flip flops or any kind of shoe that take as little space as flip flops.


I hate to point out the obvious but, if you’re making a list, this needs to be there.


Pack a small towel. In a lot of the places you might be staying, towels will be provided for you, but if you're moving from one place to another, your accommodations will vary.


Wear them, don't pack them. If they're polarized, they'll be very useful (if they're not, try to get some that are). And that's it for clothes.

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You'll carry your phone with you, but you’ll always need to charge it. Don't forget to pack your charger.


If you're working while traveling from place to place we recommend you carry a netbook. There's only so much you'll be able to do with your phone.


Do you need to bring a camera? I don't. My phone's good enough for me, but there are many photographers, vloggers and content producers out there, if you’re one of them, you may probably need a bigger camera. 


Up to you how big or small they are, but try not to take it too far.


Traveling sometimes involves a lot of waiting time, and in that time you might wanna entertain yourself with books or music. You can't carry many books, but rather than taking just one, you could take a kindle instead.

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This is a very personal section, but we'll go ahead and just name the very basics.

  • Toothbrush + toothpaste
  • All purpose liquid soap
  • Deodorant


You should find a place to stash important documents without damaging them.

  • Passport
  • Insurance Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • I.D.

Remember to keep hard copies of them and to back them up in the cloud in case anything happens!



  • Paracord bracelet.
  • Headlamp.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Lighter

There might be other things that you personally need, but in general terms, we've covered most of what you'll need. If you think we should add something, let us know.


Thank you reading this post. As always, we hope you enjoy our content. If you like, feel free to share it with your friends! Don't forget to check out our perfect travel organizer, trust us, it will make traveling so much easier. Goodbye Traveler!

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