✈ Tips for Traveling Alone 🌍

Hey travelers, today we're touching down on some of our favorite subjects: traveling alone. The first thing you'll notice is freedom. For some, at the beginning, it feels like a bit too much. You've got no one to agree with you and what you should do next, where to go, how to spend your day. It's just you, somewhere, surrounded by strangers. Some of them you'll meet, maybe even befriend, while others strange will remain.

Uncertainty will play a part in your travels, for sure, but not to an extent where it might hinder your experience. Precisely to ensure this doesn't happen, these tips are here.

1. Get Traveling Insurance

Traveler keeping his things protected

This is one of those things no one likes thinking about, but it will give you great peace of mind should something happen, and not only then but also at all those times things almost happened. Among traveling insurances, World Nomads is more widely recommended, so check it out. They can cover your camera, your laptop, and things like that (as well as emergency hospitalization of course).

2. Look a Little Sketchy, but Be Friendly

Man with headphones walking about in the city

Do we really mean sketchy? Maybe not, but we recommend that you showcase that side of you that features a little bit more grit and toughness. If you're already kind of a tough guy, then we recommend you show your sweet side. It's all about balance. Just make sure you don't look like a guy who'd do nothing if he gets taken advantage of, and if you get taken advantage of, do nothing. Getting in trouble in a foreign country is a tricky subject. Those who are trying to take advantage of you know this.

Think about it this way: give your trust freely, but not to those who ask for it. It's a fair assumption that trust is asked for when it is needed, and it surely is a requirement (that you give them your trust) for someone to take advantage of it.

3. Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Important documents and money being stashed away

Two very important things should always be kept in several different places:

  • Documents - Keep hard copies at hand, originals stored away, and digital versions both in a USB and in the cloud. It's the safest way.
  • Money - Some on your wallet, some on your sock (or wherever you keep emergency money), and some stored away somewhere. 

4. Talk to strangers

Traveler talking with the locals and showing them pictures.

The whole point of traveling alone is not to remain by yourself throughout the whole trip. Make sure you engage in small talk and let that small talk guide you to something more. Someone meeting a traveler is also being exposed to something new. It's easy to be interested in each other.

5. Enjoy the ride

Traveler immersed in the city

You know, walk around, see the sights, eat street food, talk with strangers, take all the previous precautions and... let things unfold. It should be fun. If it's not, write and tell us about it, we'd love to hear what went wrong 😜

If all goes well, we'd love to hear about it too.

Thank you reading this post. As always, we hope you enjoy our content. If you like, feel free to share it with your friends! Don't forget to check out our perfect travel organizer, trust us, it will make traveling so much easier. Goodbye Traveler!



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