Chaos in backpack


No Organisation, No Overview: One big compartment to organize everything. Laborious & Annoying: Always search around for the right t-shirt - which is usually at the bottom! Inconvenient: Where to store your clothes in your hotel room? Closet? Leave everything! Dirty & Wet Floors: Bathrooms can be dirty and wet. So where to put the fresh clothes that they stay clean and dry? Different sized plastic bags: Or even zip-lock bags...we hate them, but need them to orginze ourselves. No overview, too much packing around and just chaos! Space problem: You want to travel with only your backpack? All your clothes, laptop, cosmetic bag, cables (even shoes) in a backpack? I think you would need an extra bag.

Pack the Hang&Roll


The Hang&Roll was designed with 8 separate pockets to keep you organized and pack a ton of stuff for extended trips. Simply open one flap, grab the T-Shirt you like - in seconds - with one hand. Save your time and nerves! There is no need to even touch any other clothes and possibly fold them again. Just hang the HANG&ROLL anywhere you are. Set-up in seconds, your clothes stay clean, dry and even nicely folded in their pockets. It's time to go home? Just roll the HANG&ROLL together and off you go. Forget about carrying a messy backpack, or even two separate bags, to fit all your stuff? Just outsource your clothes, attach the HANG&ROLL under your backpack with the clips and you have plenty of space inside the backpack. Just CARRY IT everywhere...

Step-by-step instruction

Pack your clothes inside.

Roll together.

Overview, quick and easy access to your clothes.

Secure straps by using the loop on the back.

Use the Drybag.

Wear the 'Travel Organizer' or 'Drybag' on a shoulder strap.