Hang & Roll

SAY GOODBYE TO MESSY CLOTHES while backpacking, camping, traveling in style and riding your bike or motorcycle. 

Packing - it's probably one of the things we travelers do not want to think before every trip...sad but true! At the end we all end up asking ourselves the same old questions: 

  • How do I pack my bag? How do I keep it organized?
  • Where can I fit my jeans on my backpack?
  • Where can put my dirty clothes? 
  • How do I take my things on a biking/motorcycle trip? 

There must be a better way of solving this problem. Packing cubes, vacuum bags, or even Zip-Lock bags are not quite as practical as they seem and they end up being just half way solutions. The world is in need for a new generation of TRAVEL ORGANISERS that are clever, lightweight, waterproof and work on every type of trip.  

  •  No Organisation, No Overview: One big compartment to organize everything
  •  Laborious & Annoying: To get to the right T-Shirt, you might need to take everything out of the suitcase/ backpack. (Somehow you always want the Shirt at the bottom.)
  •  Inconvenient: Where to store your clothes while staying in a hotel, a hostel, or while camping? You most likely just leave everything in your suitcase/backpack.
  •  Dirty & Wet Floors, bathrooms can be dirty and wet. So where to put the fresh clothes that they stay clean and dry?
  •  Different sized plastic bags: Or even zip-lock bags, are a desperate try to organise yourself - same problem: You need to pull all clothes out again to get to one T-Shirt. Most times you don't even know what's inside anymore, due to a lack of overview.
  •  Space problem: You want to travel with only your backpack? All your clothes, laptop, cosmetic bag, cables (even shoes) in a backpack? I think you would need an extra bag.


The Hang&Roll was designed with 8 separate pockets to keep you organized and pack a ton of stuff for extended trips. Simply open one flap, grab the T-Shirt you like - in seconds - with one hand. Save your time and nerves! There is no need to even touch any other clothesand possibly fold them again. Just hang the HANG&ROLL anywhere you are. Set-up in seconds, your clothes stay clean, dry and even nicely folded in their pockets. It's time to go home? Just roll the HANG&ROLL together and off you go. Forget about carrying a messy backpack, or even two separate bags, to fit all your stuff? Just outsource your clothes, attach the HANG&ROLL under your backpack with the clips and you have plenty of space inside the backpack. Just CARRY IT everywhere...