Product Information

Is the Hang&Roll available in more sizes?

So far, the Hang&Roll comes in one size. There are 8 different compartments: 1 extra large (25cm), 4 bigger (20cm) and 4 smaller (15cm). The width is always around 33cm. The total length is 145cm and width 33cm (rolled out).

Are the products waterproof?

Our products are not waterproof. However, we say that the products are water resistant. 
The Hang&Roll is created out of Polyester with PVC coating, which in fact makes it waterproof. But due to the closing folding technique we are not able to declare it waterproof. Because of that, we created  The 'Drybag'.

How many clothes fit inside a Hang&Roll?

Specifications / Measurements?

See picture above

How do I attach the Hang&Roll to my backpack?

Simply attach the two hooks on top of the Hang&Roll-Travel Organizer (The 'Drybag' has the same two hooks) on the straps of your backpack. 

To make your life even easier, we offer the Molle D-Rings (included in our 'Bundle'). You attach the Molle D-Rings once on your backpack straps, they stay there period. It's so easy and quick to click the hooks to the D-Rings.

You might want to have a look at our EXPLORE PAGE, where you can see some pictures/GIFS/Videos how it's been done.