Hang&Roll 2.0 - Travel Organizer
Hang&Roll 2.0 - Travel Organizer

Hang&Roll 2.0 - Travel Organizer

Hang and Roll

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The Hang&Roll 2.0 is an updated and much improved version of  the H&R travel organizer, our first Crowdfunding campaign. A unique travel organizer that can be used for every type of travel and occasion. This bag will easily store all your clothes inside different pockets and help you keep them like that during your whole trip. In your backpack, suitcase, motorhome, bicycle or motorcycle…YOU NAME IT! New features are: Hooks to easily attach the Hang&Roll under your backpack. Individually accessible pockets and one pocket for bigger clothes, like jeans. An extra handle to carry and hold the Hang&Roll much easier and last but not least the option of using it on both sides, but only half the length. 

There are 8 pockets in total. At the top: 1 extra big pocket, 3 big ones and at the bottom: 4 smaller ones.
The biggest pocket: 25cm x 33cm.
The bigger pockets: 20cm x 33cm.
The smaller pockets: 15cm x 33cm.

All rolled out: 145cm length and 33cm width
Folded together the Hang&Roll only takes 33x20cm.

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Hang&Roll 2.0 - Specifics

How to Use the Hang&Roll 2.0


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Hang & Roll

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Checkout Payment badge The DRYBAG, made out of premium 100% waterproof fabric is the perfect fitting the for HANG&ROLL. The Drybag can also be used on this own. It works perfectly as a carry bag. If you have an item that needs water protection or takes too much space inside the backpack, f.e. big sweater, pair of shoes or a big towel for the beach. Just throw it inside and take it with you!
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